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Here are some written records of our patients.


thank you to Dr. Lamberto Re for your care with ozonetherapy.I can only say that you did miracle .in my case the intervention in 2004 has not benefit my situation instead Dr. Re completely solved my problem. thank so much and excuse my Italian doctor ... as you know I am from Macedonia ...

Adalgisa e Elio Cesetti

"Ozone therapy works miracles!" By this we begin, my husband and I, this little book and to thank Dr. Re Lamberto who believed and fought to ensure that ozone therapy has its value in the treatment of many diseases. My husband and I, whenever we needed for our ills (herniated disc, periarthritis, arthritis, etc ...), ozone therapy has made a miracle. Thanks to Dr. Re Lamberto and his wife. Adalgisa and Elio Cesetti


I am a mother of two children with Leigh syndrome. Since June I started the ozone therapy primarily to little baby because she was worse in some of its functions, by now I have noticed a marked improvement in these functions, how to keep the body erect, head nn is more tilted to one side, no more salivation that out of his mouth and another important thing, the little girl could not look to the left without turning his head, one eye seems now unlocked and another is improving. From a month I'm bringing once a week also the younger brother, is slightly better than the premise of gravity of the disease is worse than the sister and is more fragile physically, tire, even only being a day away from home. But since we started going slowly, we see him more energetic and also manages to make some vocalization. Has been a blessing to know this therapy and especially the dear doctor Lamberto Re which is always very nice with us, affable and sympathy makes him a master. Like the rest of his entire staff, seems like a big family and when you're in his office so comfortable, tidy, there is an air of freshness of simplicity .it a pleasure to do the miles, not only for the benefit of the ozone, but find every time those faces which I appreciate very much and I love you. Thank you very much .... and thanks also to the ozone .....

Franco Losacco

Ancona, September, 1st 1998
Dear Dr. RE,
Returning from a short vacation spent outside Ancona and after a period of time sufficiently valid to express an opinion on the outcome of ozone treatment carried out in May at Medinat, I am pleased to inform you that "my" headaches before so frequent, are greatly diminished if not disappeared almost.
A result which, given my past, I feel really great, and what I can only be grateful to you both for the effectiveness of the treatment, and for the exquisite human qualities that distinguish it. In reserve to give further news on the progress of my "head", I enclose a note more detailed summary on the subject. The occasion is welcome to send to your gentle lady and also by my wife, my most cordial greetings and gratitude.
Franco Losacco

Mara Teresa Leoni

Senigallia March, 3rd 1999
Dear Dr. Lamberto Re,
finally here is the letter that I wanted above all else to write and that I am sure you looked forward to receive.
It 'a miracle happened: I have no more headaches!
It 'something so extraordinary, that I waited several days before disclosing it now.
But I'm sure: I'm fine!
It is not a miracle but it has its own look!
Now the whole story before thank you as you deserve.
On February 15 ns, as every day, I had to swallow a heavy dose of Optalidon, evidently, did not give me a momentary relief.

So I made a decision outer: I stopped with the tablets and from February 16, I have not taken more.
You told me many times that ozone should bring me to this result, and that is to completely heal, but there was the Optalidon.
Thanks to the confidence I have in you, and also in the ozone, I had the strength to make a decision it so much too drastic and painful.
I assure you that I suffered a lot (maybe a part of it is also about me, if I'm fine now!)
I can not wait more to come to you again, to maintain this state of grace in which I find myself and especially to thank you with infinite gratitude.
I should be grateful for ever: but think how much I owe? Do not suffer more after twenty years of headache?
Now I greet you, along with your gentle wife and see you soon!
Maria Teresa Leoni
Ps: Excuse the spelling but it is only happiness....

Pasquale Gravina

Email Message:
Sent: February, 21st 2003 4:42 pm

I started having physical problems in 1998, when I was diagnosed with a herniated lumbar (L4-L5). Since then I have suffered from sciatica in an almost continuous. Being a professional athlete in volleyball, I have experienced almost all therapeutic remedies "conventional", ie all forms of pain therapy commonly used. After a series important accumulated over the last few years, it has become increasingly common intention not to resort to surgical procedures (including those in microsurgery) removal of the nucleus pulposus, being very frequent relapses over the years postoperative. This all the more so in an athlete who lends his body to extreme stress. The same trend occurs with regard to the intradiscal ozone therapy: here it may cause problems to the functionality of the spine.
In my experience, at least for my type of disease, the best results are obtained with the help of non-invasive therapies and with the absence of contraindications. Specifically, the combination of osteopathic treatment and oxygen-ozone, led me to almost completely reduce the symptoms.
And 'well, however, specify that both require very qualified people, having attended many operators on specific knowledge resulting in modest if not a little remarkable results. Oxygen-ozone therapy is a very interesting therapeutic approach to the disease, and it would be valuable to know how it works, what mechanisms active. In my opinion, its main strength lies in the non-toxicity, it is not a drug and has no analgesic function. Because of these characteristics, it will always just "pushed" by the pharmaceutical companies that have no chance of gain on its spread. And that is why I offer this small contribution so that we can know more.
Pasquale Gravina
Italian Team Volleyball

Gabriele Galeazzi

Hello Doctor!
Do you remember me? I'm Gabriele Galeazzi, I made a series of therapies to treat a herniated disc in your clinic about four months ago, just before leaving for a stint in Dublin.
I returned a few days ago and I must say that the experience was great from both a professional and personal point of view, so that does not rule out going to work there!
But if today I can speak in a manner so excited about this experience, a lot has about you and your therapies that have allowed me to live intensely and without limitation, although I suffered a block in the back just a month before leaving.
The beneficial effects of your care in fact did not affect only the well-being merely physical, but also psychological, even more important in those who are ill, in order to be able to get better.
Your humanity, professionalism, helpfulness and friendliness have allowed me to regain confidence in my body, which had been strongly challenged by a disease that often manifests its effects in an unpredictable and sudden.
Thank you very much, therefore, for the uncommon way in which you interprets and lives your profession, which is not common (to the moods and feelings that involves), but unfortunately as this is experienced by many (too many) doctors.
We will to you soon (me and my girlfriend ... the psychologist), meanwhile I embrace you with affection.
Gabriele Galeazzi

Lilly Ragni (Bigelli Finilia)

To Professor Re
I went into this study some time ago with aches, pains and annoyances here and there. With a smile and courtesy I was greeted in a serene and I was involved. What a syringe full of air ... I never thought I did regain the strength I had. Not only my back straightened and pears but has run toned skin. So thanks to this therapy superfine. He is the King .. but I'm not a Queen !! With love Lilly Ragni
Ancona October 29nd 2008.

Giampaolo Gardarelli

Sent by Email: Monday April 12th 2010 10:42 am
To: Prof. Lamberto Re
(Patient Treated in May 2009 for lumbosacral disc disease)
Hello Professor I am Gardarelli Giampaolo, I send to you photos of CUM championships and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to return to racing.
Greetings and see you soon.
Giampaolo Gardellini