The Clinic

You can reach Medinat by the International Airport of Falconara (AOI) connected with the Major HUBS in Italy like Milan and Rome. Medinat is easily reached also by car throughout Highway A14 or by International and local BUS Transport.
International Center for Ozone Therapy
Via Fazioli, 22 – 60021 Camerano (Ancona-IT)
PI e CF 02259740427 – Tel. +39 071 731076
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Methods Available in Medinat to apply medical Ozone

Linea capelli ozono

Rectal Insufflation

Linea corpo ozono

Vaginal Insufflation

Linea viso ozono

Drinking Ozonated Water

Ozono per la pelle

Massage with Ozonated SunFlower Oil and Cream

Ozono terapia

Ozonated Sauna

Prodotti a base di ozono

Plastic Bags for Joints and Ulcers

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Para vertebral and Intramuscular Injections

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Intradermal Injections for Microcirculation and Aesthetic

Trattamenti ozono

Systemic Ozone Therapy Major Minor

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Systemic Ozone Therapy Major

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Stimulated Platelet Factors (PRP) for Rehabilitation and Aesthetic


Clinical services in Medinat can be paid by cash or using: traveler’s check, credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Carta Si, Master Card), pre pay credit card (Visa Electron), or money transfer on line.
All services and any additional information’s will be available contacting our staff manager Dr.a Luigia Di Serafino.