Medinat integrates also Experts in ethnomedicine and homeopathic practice and conduct medical treatment to patients from Italy and from other Countries (e.g. USA, Latin America, Australia and United Arab Emirates).
The facilities are provided with the best technology and a group of medical experts to offer a high quality medical service.


The international Center of Ozone Therapy (Medinat), is a modern private clinic in charge of Prof Lamberto Re. The Clinic is a Center of Excellence in the field of the Ozone Clinical Practice. Medinat is located near by the Conero mountain in Camerano (Ancona, Italy) in a beautiful natural scenario.

Who we are

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Lamberto Re, M.D.

Clinical Pharmacologist and Toxicologist

Dr. Lamberto Re, senior professor in molecular and cellular pharmacology has an extended curriculum vitae, clinical experience and was awarded at national and international levels

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